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Why You Should Build Your Marketing Team For Your Restaurant In-House

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Today we will be talking about why you should build up your marketing team for your restaurant in-house

Who is this article for? This article is for the restaurant owners/ managers who have no idea in what social media is. If you fit the criteria, PLEASE read this.

Let’s go over the general marketing operations

- Media Placement

- Media Creation

- Media Strategy

Now that’s the IDEAL team. That’s about a team of three. With each person doing one part.

But in all reality, you can even do a team of one.

Let’s take it all the way back to how I got started.

I was a host and busser at a restaurant and later moved up as a cashier/server. I ended up knowing the basic ins and outs of the restaurant. It was at the time when not too many restaurants were on Social Media. This problem presented an opportunity in itself.

With a rise of restaurants wanting a presence on social media, I decided to take initiative. Prior to my position now as a Digital Media Manager, we wouldn’t post for MONTHS and our engagement rate was at an all time low. We only posted once-every-couple months. The only time they would post was to sell something. Now there’s Branding, and there’s Selling.

Marketing is the bridge between both but the restaurant at the time was only doing Sales which provides no longevity.

We take it to the context of today, along with Strategy and Content Creation, I now handle their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter . One of the main reasons we are doing good now was because management took the chance to build me up from in-house. No need for an interview, or crazy requisites because they already knew me confidently.

If you were to hire a creative team/ or simply outsource an agency, their purpose really wouldn’t align with yours. They wouldn’t be familiar with your menu, or your back-end operations, or simply wouldn’t have the same chemistry that an Administrative Manager would, or Server, or any FOH(Front Of House) worker.

Those factors alone, will save you so much time, resources and energy.

So what are the next steps?

Majority of the time, your average host, busser or server are in the 18-24 year old demographic. Meaning, that they most likely know the ins and outs of Social Media. And if they’ve already been working in your restaurant then they should already know your menu and standard protocols.

With a little bit of training and learning, you are now able to begin constructing your media department.

All in all, if you’re paying the person at an average of $10/hour with 40 hours a week. Even then you’re saving more money by growing your in-house media department.

I’ve been the contractor to restaurants and I easily charge them over $2500 on a monthly retainer. And even then, I had to grow accustom to their menu, standard operations, and it also took time to craft a relationship with their whole staff.

In all honesty, my goal is to give you value. So If you’re interested in how you can start developing your Restaurant’s media, feel free to contact my email:

By emailing me, you can book a free strategy call.


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